Farmers deliver value you can see.

We’ve come a long way since our grandpa put the plow into the first furrow. And, as we’ve grown and thrived, so have our communities. In fact, we believe agriculture is a backbone for community growth today, and in the future. Adding new agricultural ventures to your community will create revenue and drive economic growth. Agriculture currently contributes an estimated $31.2 billion to Indiana’s economy. Now play the what if game — what if we added more ag to your backyard? How many more jobs, how much more property tax and income tax revenue could you add?

It’s time to see the ripple of ag rewards.

Indiana farmers are delivering value to communities all across Indiana. What value can they contribute to your community? When you think about farming, you think fields and tractors and chickens. But what about all the hauling, processing and distribution that goes along with it?

Adding these ripple effects of agriculture brings dollars and jobs to your community. Next time you’re thinking of economic development — think ag for your backyard.

Sunny side up tax dollars

Indiana ranks nationally:

Large poultry production in the state of Indiana brings the need for
poultry processing facilities.

So, what if you added a processor to your community?

Indiana poultry processing plants

• Currently, Indiana has 10 processing plants with 1,288 jobs per plant
• Each plant generates $480 million to Indiana’s economy annually
• Each plant brings in $29.67 million in state and local taxes annually

Fueling jobs, cars and livestock

Without even knowing it, you are probably using ethanol in your car. And, chances are good that the school bus is using biodiesel. Farmers grow the corn and soybeans that go into these fuels. Processing and creating that fuel creates county jobs and tax revenue.
The United States currently produces nearly three billion gallons annually.
What if you added a new processor to your backyard?

About that livestock…

Corn and soybeans are fueling Indiana’s livestock. When you process corn, you get dried distillers grains and from soybeans comes soybean meal. These products are both fed to Indiana livestock. Why add more livestock?

Added barn benefits

What if you opened the county doors to a few new barns? Seems like a small add —
but they can add a lot! Indiana is among the top livestock producing states, generating nearly $3.7 billion in sales. Indiana livestock farmers provide large contributions
to the communities they operate in.


Regional Sales

$2.26 million

$8.21 million

$110.87 million

$3.15 million

New Income





New Jobs